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 Loot Distribution

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PostSubject: Loot Distribution   Sun 14 Dec - 0:00

The loot itself

The looting in this system is based on a loot council.
This loot council, is a council consisting of 3-4 officers (usually including guild master)
This council is to give loot to players based on their PERFORMANCE and not necessary how much they raid or leech. This is actually a very easy system for the normal players in the guild. However, it can be a hard task for the loot council, but when something drop, they often have an idea about aprox 2-3 players who might deserve this item.
Important: The ground idea for whole this system is: Loot is NOT a reward, but a TOOL for progress!
All this simply means, perform and be on your toes always, and get loot.

The wide aspect

Raid Spots

Raid spots are also a topic that comes into this. Raids spots are much like the loot. They are given to people that perform the best. This will make the people do their best to compete for the raid spots, which overall leads to better performance, and more progress.
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Loot Distribution
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